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Письмо сочинение где я бы хотела жить 50-70слов

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вроде так:


he will not write 10 stories on tuesday.he will not see russia for the environment.it will not be able to send 200 cards on thursday.he will not make 99 large cakes on sunday. 

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1. at, in

2. from, to, on

3. to, about

4. from, under

5.by, on, to 

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his flat is in a new house. there are three rooms in the flat.  the living-room is the largest of all. it is a nice light room. there are pictures on the walls. there is a round table in  the middle of  the room. there is  a sofa at  the wall with large thick carpet in front of it. a study and a bedroom are small, but very comfortable.

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good - the best; popular - the most popular; bad - the worst; expensive - the most expensive.

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