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Переделайте предложения в present perfect 1. i fly in a pirate ship 2. she rides on the big wheel 3. they see trapeze artists 4. he goes on a water rise 5. they shake hands with cartoon characters 6. we see famous landmarks 7. you meet a frost 8. i explore a haunted mansions 9. i rise on a
rollercoaster 10. she goes on a rocket journey 11. he eats candy floss 12. we go souvenir shopping 13. you see clowns perfoming tricks ! !

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-i'd like to take a book.

-what type of books do you prefer?

-i like detectives.

-how interesting, i like it, too. 

-detectives  are suitable for all people. it  make people  think and  tickled  the nerves.

-i agree with you.

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1. buckingham palace is the place where british quenn live and reigns

2. in the westmister abby hold the coronations of british kngs and quenns

3. -

4. maybe tandem is the oxford and the cambridge. the two most famous universities in the uk


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1.have flown

2.has rided

3.have seen

4.has gone

5.have shaked

6.have seen

7.have met

8.have explored

9.have rised

10.has gone

11.has eaten

12.have gone

13.have seen

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