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Перевести на : я вижу зеленое дерево и собаку возле него. эта рыжая собака не может говорить. маленькая таня не может читать. она может говорить.

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may i come in?

you may take my pen

i can`t  catch up with her

i can play the piano

i must do it well

you must not go there

you should work more seriously

you should not read about it




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in 2100 all children won`t go to the school. they will study at home. in 2100 all people will be able to have free flight to the space. in 2100 all people will know 8 or 9 langueges. in 2100 all people will have robots.

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i see a green tree and a dog near it. this orange dog can't speak. little tanya can't read. she can speak.

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