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Переведите! text 1. functional unitsof digital computersas we know, all computer operations can be grouped into fivefunctional categories. the method in which these five functionalcategories are related to one another represents the functionalorganization of a digital computer. by studying the
functionalorganization, a broad view of the computer is received.the five major functional units of a digital computer are: 1) input— to insert outside information into the machine; 2) storage or memory — to store information and make it available at the appropriate time; 3) arithmetic-logical unit
— toperform the calculations; 4) output — to remove data from themachine to the outside world and 5) control unit — to causeall parts of a computer to act as a team.figure 5 shows how the five functional units of the computer act together. a complete set of instructions and data are usually fed
through the input equipment to the memory where theyare stored. each instruction is then fed to the control unit. thecontrol unit interprets the instructions and issues commands tothe other functional units to cause operations to be performedon the data. arithmetic operations are performed in the
arithmetic-logical unit, and the results are then fed back to the mem-огу. information may be fed from either the arithmetic unit orthe memory through the output equipment to the outside world.the five units of the computer must communicate with eachother. they can do this by means of a machine
language whichuses a code composed of combinations of electric pulses. thesepulse combinations are usually represented by zeros and ones,where the one may be a pulse and the zero — a no-pulse. numbers are communicated between one unit and another by meansof these one-zero or pulse — no-pulse
combinations. the input has the additional job of converting the information fed inby the operator into machine language. in other words, it transaltes from our language into the pulse — no-pulse combinationsunderstandable to the computer. the output's additional job isconverting the pulse —
no-pulse combinations into a form understandable to us, such as a printed report

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с то есть вариант 6 (с)

но я не уверена это знай ты ещё жди если кто то напишет проверь

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1. what is called the biggest star factory in the world? why is hollywood called the biggest star factory?

2. is oscar night called the most important event in show biz? what is called the most important event in show biz?

3. where may you see some famous stars? who(m) may you see if you visit malibu?

4. what are you unlikely to have in los angeles? where are you unlikely to have bad weather? are you likely to have bad weather in los angeles?

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1 the boy asked his friend whether the friend would go to the cinema with him

2 the boy told his friend that he wanted to see that film

3 the boy asked mary when she had bought tickets

4 the boy asked his friend to buy him a ticket

5 the boy reminded his friend not to forget their tickets

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1. my bag is as clean as hers. 2.this book is as interesting as that one. 3.his brother is older than her brother. 4. your mistakes are as bad as mine.
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