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palace square is the main square of st. petersburg, the architectural ensemble of which was formed in the second half of the xviii — first half of the xix century. the name of the square gave the winter palace, the southern facade overlooking the square. the phenomenon of the russian estate, showing the scope of our slavic soul is a gigantic stables that for its size, decoration and architecture is more similar to a completely independent palace complexes or estates.

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14 february . valentine's day

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When my parents return from work I'll tell them about everything

If Jane passes her exams, she will go to Spain

If I want to take some pictures, I'll take my camera

If I see it with my own eyes, I'll believe it

If you don't invite Kate, she won't come to the party

If she learns about it, she will be depressed

If you plant these apple-trees, you will be absolutely free

If you make tea, I'll cut the cake  

If you repair my computer, I'll be very grateful to you

If he packs all the things, he will call for a taxi

It it rains, I'll take my umbrella

If you don't promise not to tell anyone, I won't tell you this secret

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