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Ответьте на эти вопросы. why do people like keeping pets? what pets are most popular in big cities? is keeping pets big responsibility? why?

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1. he shouldn't have eaten so mush!

2. i should have taken a bottle of water/something to drink.

3. she should have booked the tickets in advance. (ought  have booked)

4. we shouldn't have painted the classroom blue. we should have painted it pale yellow.

5. she should have gone to bed earlier.

6. he should have gone to a police station.

7. he shouldn't have looked for another pair of shoes. he should have left earlier.


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i am going to visit my relatives in the country in june.

i am going to spend some days at the seaside and then go to the mountains in july.

i am going to learn playing the guitar in august.

обстоятельства времени in june/july/august также могут стоять в начале предложения.

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because pets amuse their masters and help them cope with a difficult period in life

in big cities most popular pets are dogs, cats, parrots.

yes, this is a big responsibility. "we are responsible for those who have tamed"

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