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Ответьте собеседнику, выражая неуверенность. model: harry hasn’t returned yet. (return tonight) he may (might) return tonight. i can’t find john anywhere. (play football with the boys) he may (might) be playing football with the boys. she didn’t come to me on sunday. (be busy) she may (might)
have been busy. 1. the weather is so nasty today. (change in a few days) 2. i can’t find my shoes in the hall. (leave them in the room) 3. where is your sister? (do her homework) 4. i tried to explain the rule to her but she didn’t understand. (be tired) 5. it hasn’t rained for a week and the air
is so dry and dusty. (rain tomorrow) 6. why didn’t she call me yesterday? (forget your phone number) 7. he is so happy today. (win the chess tournament) 8. why is it so noisy in their flat? (have a party) 9. he didn’t take part in the competition last time. (be unwell) 10. she has seen all the
performances of our drama theatre. (be interested in art)

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1) yesterday in the morning i drank a cup of coffe with milk.

2) when the train arrived i came out on the platform/

3) i got up so late that i missed the train.

4) i needed to go the country, so i went to the railway station and caught the train.

5) i jumped into the last carriage while the train was leaving.

6) everybody was laughing at my tricks.

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1)cats can (not) sing.

2)dogs can  not draw.

3)pengins can (not)   play with toys

4)camels can not jump.

  my friend*s name is kostya. he is 9. he is my classmate. we like to play together.

моего друга зовут костя, ему 9 лет. он мой одноклассник. м ы любим играть вместе

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13 - b

14 - a

15 - b


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