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Ответьте на вопросы утвердительно, употребляя глагол в present perfect. пример. are the rooms clean? (do) — yes, mother has done them. 1. does she know the song? (learn) 2. is breakfast ready? (cook) 3. do you know how tasty the pie is? (eat) 4. is she at home? (come) 5. do you know the melody?
(hear many times) 6. can you speak on the subject? (read about it) 7. is ann on holiday? (go to italy) 8. are you ready with the report? (write it) 9. can you do this work? (finish it)

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1. send

2. is writing

3. is looking

4. attend

5. is, is preparing

6. always make

7. isn't examining, is giving, examines

8. contains.

9. tell,   are asking

10. boil

11. are musicians having, are rehearsing, preform

12. are doctors using, aren't work, prescribing

13. is always playing

14. are you waiting, are, arrives

15. arepeter and tim going to, they are, go, invite

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i usually make plans for my birthday party one month earlier


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1, this film is worth watching.

2.it isn*t worth skiing. skiing isn*t  worth doing

3.chineese food is worth trying.

4.red square is worth visiting.

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i was asked by teacher.

my mobile phone was stolen last month.

the clothes are made by china.

he was injured by dog.

dog was found by me.

this shoes will be bought by my friend.

i will be invited to the party.

book will bu used  by me.

bus is stopped for me.

his leg was broken on accedent.

poem was written by w.sheakspear.

my key was lost by father.

room will be cleaned by my sister.

house was sold by our neighbour.

my father`s car will be repaired in workshop.



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