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Определите функцию причастия в предложении: 1. the girl putting the book on the shelf is the new librarian. 2. while putting the eggs into the basket she broke one of them. 3. a word spoken in time may have very important results. 4.the students speaking good english must help their classmates. 5. the speaking doll interested the child very much. 6. while speaking to nick some days ago i forgot to ask him about his sister.7. the boy lay sleeping when the doctor came. 8. the broken arm was examined by the doctor. 9. while being examined, the boy could not help crying. 10. having prescribed the medicine, the doctor went away.

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1. my mom tidies up in my room.2. my mon irones in my family.

3. my daddy cooks in my family.

4. my daddy fixes things in my family.

5. my mom goes shopping in my family.

6. my mom washes up in my family.

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1)i am not interested in music.

2) we don't  usually have lunch in the cafeteria.

3) nathan doesn't  often travel on business.

4) sometimes i don't arrive at work before 8

5) the bank doesn't    open on saturday at 10.

6) she   doesn't  go to bed between 10 and 11.

7) they don't  employ a lot of people this year.

8) naoko   isn't  japanese.

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-i'd like to take a book.

-what type of books do you prefer?

-i like detectives.

-how interesting, i like it, too. 

-detectives  are suitable for all people. it  make people  think and  tickled  the nerves.

-i agree with you.

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she has been waiting for me for 2 hours.

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