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Описать картинку по плану ( где находятся дети, какая погода, в чем одеты, что делают). 5 класс.

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лидия это как всегда я скот маккол если ты помнишь то у меня завтра день рождения и по этому поводу я хочу устроить обширную вечеринку туда придет мнего моих друзей но больше всего я бы хотел видеть тебя там . вечеринка будет завтра в 19: 00 в кафе магнит надеюсь те придешь ! до встречи лидия! .

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1) what kind of clothes do lawyers wear? 2) what do you have if an ax falls on your car? 3) what is in the army and is corny? 4) what do you call a man when a marine sits on him? 5) an old fashioned bike wheel has 21 spokes. how many spaces are between the spokes - 20, 21, or 22? 6) where did pilgrims land when they arrived in america? 7) who succeeded the first president? 8) when is the best time to have lunch?


1) lawsuits2) an ax-i-dent (accident)3) a colonel (kernel).4) submarine.5) 21; draw it and count them.6) on their feet.7) the second one! 8) after breakfast!  

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the kids are at school. the weather is sunny. they are wearing jeans/pants and sweaters. most kids are talking to their friends but the guy wearing a red t-shirt is skating

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in the picture i see children who are in the park.the weather is very nice like summer.as you can see in the picture all talk to each other except one.the one who doesn't talk, he rides on skateboard.as you can see in the picture the boys dressed in vests, pants and sneakers.and girls dressed in
blouses and pants.

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