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Нужно составить предложения из слов: 1) usually \ grandmother \ he \ is \ visits \ saturday \ every \ 2) does \ what \ she \ work \ time ? 3) often \ do \ use \ how \ you \ your \ car ? (слова с большой буквы по всей видимости и есть первые слоа в предложении)

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1.she said me that would l call she the next day2.sue said that they were going away on holiday the following month3.paul said that he hadn't heard from michael for quite time4.charlie said that they had won the final match5. lucy asked was his brother in hospital.
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was, had, lived, was, went, played

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1) he usually visits his grandmother  every saturday  (not is)

2)  what time does she  work ?  

3) how often  do you  use your car ?  

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