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Нужно составить вопрос по этим предлжениям 1. it was always difficult to travel by plane. 2. many seats on planes are needed for government representatives and army people. 3. mr brown was not a very important person. 4. mr brown wanted to go to edinburgh to listen to some important lecture. 5. a
very important army officer had to fly to edinburgh on the same day. 6. mr brown had to give his seat to the officer. 7. mr brown was given another seat on the plane. 8. the important officer arrived in edinburgh to give a lecture. 9. mr brown was late for the lecture.

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candidate to master of sports

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this year i have to make to an important (0)decision : what to do next. our school gives us excellent (1)opportunity    to find out what is better for us to do in the future. there are a lot of (2)optional      subjects that help us to understand it and express our (3)personality. when compulsory   education is over students can either enter a (4)technical    institute or try to find a job. but if you don`t want to meet with(5)difficulties    while trying to find a job, our teachers advise us to get (6)vocational    training first.our school gives us a lot of(7)inform ation  about the professions that our community needs.but i think that the best choice is to get(8)higher    education.there are no(9) enterance examinations to universities but studying there needs very carefull (10)preparation. i try to study my best in order to get a place there. 

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1was it always difficult to travel by plane? 2 are many seats on planes needed for goverment representatives and army people? 3 wasnt mr brown a very important person? 4
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