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Нужно составить вопросы по этим предложениям 1. it was always difficult to travel by plane. 2. many seats on planes are needed for government representatives and army people. 3. mr brown was not a very important person. 4. mr brown wanted to go to edinburgh to listen to some important lecture. 5. a
very important army officer had to fly to edinburgh on the same day. 6. mr brown had to give his seat to the officer. 7. mr brown was given another seat on the plane. 8. the important officer arrived in edinburgh to give a lecture. 9. mr brown was late for the lecture.

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My family isn't large. besides my parents i have an elder sister whose name is irina. she is 19 and she is a student of the institute.  i am masha. i am 13 and i am a student of the secondary school. i am not very tall but i am not short either. i  like  skating and reading. my mother's name is inna vasilievna. she is 39 and she is a nurse in our hospital. my mother is very pretty and kind. my father's name is ivan petrovich. he is 42 and he is a driver in the same hospital. my father is very strong and strict. he  likes to play chess  and we  often  play chess  in the evening. our granny doesn't live with us, but she lives not far from our house so i  often come to see  her on sundays. i visited her  last night  and she  was  glad  to see me. we have supper then i read my favourite book about animals and i  went to bed  about 12 p.m. we are a friendly family and we try to get along with each other and try  to discuss  our problems and to solve them  together.
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finally the sun appeared in the sky.(наконец-то в небе появилось солнце)

i`m very interested in learning the story of my country. (я заинтересован в изучении своей страны)

there are a lot of islands in the ocean. (существует много островов в мировом океане)

my grandmother has the house in the settlement.( у моей бабушки есть дом в поселке (городского типа))

there were five rounds in the fighting.(в поединке было 5 раундов)

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i am going to visit london in june.

i am going to read books in july.

i am going to visit my friends in august.

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dima said that he enjoied thrillers

polina said that they wll go to sochi next week

kirill said that he written an essay on literature

jane said that polina can swim well

ilya said that i shold translate the text!

kate said you are doing my homework now

lev said we shouldn`t run!

slava asked do i like strawberry jam

vitalina asked where do koalas live?

yura asked when are my birthday?

artyom said that we have english three times a week

vova said that he has been to the zoo twice

alisa said that she is chatting with her friends now

timofey said they watched a very interesting movie two days ago

vlad said that he can run fast

nastya said to don’t make noise!

danya asked to help him with his homework

danill said that our dog is clever

zhenya said they will have a test tomorrow

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