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Нужно переделать эти 2 предложения в утвердительное отрицательное и задать 5 вопросов 1)they (buy) a lot of books 2)my brother (teach) english надо

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he must know a few of foreign languages. he must be working on his new novel now. perhaps they are enjoying the beautiful weather.

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отметь лучшее решение, будь добра.

1)your friend asks if you might going to the night club in the city despite you are younger than 21. in addition, he asks whether you may visit this club using discount card.

2)the manager of a first class hotel you are staying at asks you to change rooms with access to another room identical to yours because room 62 that you are in needs rush redecoration.

3)the son of your host in london suggests you to change your haircut because it doesn't look stylish at all.

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1) they don't buy a lot of books.

why they don't buy a lot of books?

do they have any books?

do they buy any books?

do they like books?

do they even read?

2) my brother don't teach english.

why doesn't your brother teach english?

would your brother like to teach english?

what does he do?

what is his hobby?

does he teach anything?

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