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Нужно задать специальные вопросы 1. the length of the bus route has been increased by 3 km. (how many) 2. the pipe is leaking at the joint. (where) 3. now all the european railways have a standard gauge. (what gauge) 4. the rails are called t-rails because of their shape. (why) 5. the load weighs a hundred kilograms. (how many) 6. for some period of time, one underground railway line in london was working without drivers. (where) 7. the two-speed escalators will be installed at new metro stations. (where) 8. in the samara metro, trains run at 8 minutes headways. (how often) 9. before the invention of steel, railway cars were made of wood. (what) 10. the builders will have to explode the rock to construct the railway in this district. (why) 11. double-deck buses were operating in moscow within several months. (how long) 12. passenger services on britain's railway network have increased by more than 30% during the past seven years. (how many) 13. the underground railways as a form of city transport appeared in the second half of the 19th century. (when) 14. train fares will go up by seven percent next week. (how many) 15. the embankment gradually sinks (оседать) under the weight of passing trains. (why)

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