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Нужно дополнить предложения на языке. this is a fir tree. it is big. the branches are long. it is

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-i'd like to take a book.

-what type of books do you prefer?

-i like detectives.

-how interesting, i like it, too. 

-detectives  are suitable for all people. it  make people  think and  tickled  the nerves.

-i agree with you.

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2)what songs does this music album consist of?

3)where have they already performed?

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аяяй алемпиаду по языку на сайте учи.ру самому дадо решать я сама решила на 80/80

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1 do you like sport?

- yes. i do. i like  sport very much

what sport game do you like to play?

i like to play football and hocheyand you?

i like to play basketball.

4.do you go to the stadium for sport games  or in the gym?

  i go in the gym

have you got a gym in your school?

of course. we have a gym in our school

can you swim?

yes. i can swim very well

  let*s go to the swimming pool.

  with great pleasure.

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