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Нужно вставить пропуски.

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two degrees above zero,thirteen degrees above zero, zero, fourteen degrees above zero, eight degrees of frost? fifteen degrees of frost fifty degrees of frost

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-hello. what is the matter?

  -i am not well. i* ve hurt my  arm when i played  football yesterday.

  -please. let me see. is it painfull here?

. an awfull  ache. i can*t  stand   it any more! help me. please!

i think you have broken your arm. it is a real fracture

  - oh , doctor. don*t touch it , please

-o*k. to be  sure of it you have to make an x-ray.

-thank you, doctor

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meet-met,post-posted,take-took,be-was,were; fall-fell,see-saw,do-did,visit-visited,wash-washed,say-said,work-worked,ask-asked,answer-answered,go-went,wash-washed,give-gave,enjoy-enjoyed,live-lived,fly-flew,have-had,open-opened,

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меня зовут лера. я иду в школу, мне десять лет! мне нравится кататься на коньках, и я занимаюсь танцами. я достойная ученица! я живу в городе москве!

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