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Нужно вставить по смыслу слова (за спам-бан)​

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i agree that time, energy, relations and finances are our most valuable assets. they are our assets if we know to handle them wisely in hances   our ability to succeed. time is the most valuable treasure and it can be lose in vain.

  relationship are another assets.

human being a social creatures. we live in a society and it is important to live in a harmony. if we make friendships with the hope of some benefit, we will find that people will have a similar attitude to us. this caind of friendship leads to insecurity and jealousy.   true friendship should be based on manual   support and good will, irrespective of any personal gain.

  money is anything that is a generally accepted by people in each for the thing this’ll   or the work they do. another use of money is a story of wealth but we mutant forget the proverb “ money is a rout of evil”. we must manage it and not money manages us.

  only in this case  money is a treasure.

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1)it is important that we (should) appreciate people's kindness.

2)everyone should show consideration when they talk to elderly people.

3)everyone should be quiet and listen when they are at the lecture.

4)we must respect our parents.

5)we must help each other to solve this problem

6)it is forbidden to smoke in some public places because it may disturb somebody, as they have to breath polluted air.

7)no one is allowed to violate the law to  because everybody must obey it.

8)we can't be friends as i can't trust you.

9)it is prohibited to use a mobile phone while driving a car as it may cause an accident.

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возьми какого нибудь автора и его произведение. вот примерный текст. можно еще написать несколько предложений о  произведение) удачи)

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1. beautifull


3. dangerous

4. friendly



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