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Нужно вставить артикли a, an, the 1. we are going to be late. let's take taxi, shall we? 2. is he going to paris or london next year? 3. the trip was very tiring and train was three hours late. 4. would you like going by train or by air? 5. it was stuffy in the bus. passengers were hot and angry. 6. there was nobody at the station. only taxi driver was waiting for rare
passengers to take them to their hotels. вместо нужно их поставить!

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the weather is a subject we can always talk about. it often changes arid brings cold and heat, sunshine and rain, frost and snow. one day is often unlike the next.

in summer the sun shines, often there is no wind and there are no clouds in the sky which is blue and beautiful. we can see stars and the moon at night and people like walks, outdoor games and sports in the fresh air.


when autumn comes, the days become shorter and colder. it gets dark earlier and often heavy clouds cover the sky bringing rain with them. sometimes there is heavy rain, so that an umbrella or a raincoat is necessary if we don't want to get wet through. then you can hear people say, "what bad weather! when is this rain going to stop? " many people then catch cold and must go to bed. then a fire at home is so pleasant.

at last frost and snow come. fields, forests and houses are covered with snow and rivers and lakes with ice.

but spring again brings sunshine and warm winds. sometimes it snows but snow will not remain long, it will melt in the warm sun." spring will bring bright sunshine, green grass and flowers.

we usually say: "a nice day", "not a bad day" or "it's nice weather for the time of the year" if the weather is fine. we can say: "it looks like rain", "it looks like snow" or "it's bad weather" when the weather is bad.

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finally the sun appeared in the sky.(наконец-то в небе появилось солнце)

i`m very interested in learning the story of my country. (я заинтересован в изучении своей страны)

there are a lot of islands in the ocean. (существует много островов в мировом океане)

my grandmother has the house in the settlement.( у моей бабушки есть дом в поселке (городского типа))

there were five rounds in the fighting.(в поединке было 5 раундов)

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там, где ничего не надо

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