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Номер 6 нужно составить диалог​

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1. they had earned a lot of money by the end of august

2. they had defeated an enemy*s  fleet by the end of the year

3. he reminded me about that event when john had gone

4.we had burnt dry leaves before the snow fell

5. the rainbow appeared in the sky after the rain had stopped

6. she had cut down the flowers before we came into the hothouse

7.dodo is a died- out species of birds. it had dessapeared after the people began hunting  on it

8.the fire had destroyed the buildind before the firemen came

9. miss marple had solved a difficult criminal problem before the policemen could do it.

10.little robert had broken  a new toy before his father explained  him how to play with it



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1. we ever hardly meet.

2. what time do you usually finish work?

3. i'm never hungry in the morning.

4. i don't often read a newspaper.

5. sometimes we go to expensive restaurants.

6. this is usually a very good wine.

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my grandmother moved the armchair to the fire and sat down. who sold vegetables in our village last year? we tried to move the box but couldn't ,because it was too heavy. our cat hates dogs. when it sees a dog it tries to fight. somebody touched me on the arm when i got on a bus. the grandmother is loved by everybody. the table was moved to the window. the boy tied the horse to the tree and went to the house

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1) where did you go last summer?

2) what was the weather like?

3) who did you see?

4) what did  you learn?

5) what did you hear?

6) what did you buy?

7) what did you take there?

8) how did you come there?

9) did you like yoursummer holidays?

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