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Небольшое письмо другу в больницу (7-10 предложений) на языке

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the greatest russian poet alexander sergeyevich pushkin was born in moscow on 26 may 1799 and died on 29 january 1837 in st. petersburg. he was not only the poet, but also dramatist, novelist and writer of short storiesthe poet’s father came from an aristocratic family; on the mother’s side he had african ancestors. pushkin grew up in a well-educated family. when he was twelve he was sent to school named ‘imperial lyceum of tsarskoye selo’ and soon started to write romantic poems

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your name.

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hi,my friend .how are you? do you feel better or no? how is the meal in there-tasty or not? did you meet some new friends there? would you like me to bring something to you? when you'll become healthy i'll tell you some new stories which happened to me!



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