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На картинке я вижу женщину с ребёнком. возможно, они находятся в аэропорту, потому что у них два чемодана .одеты они в куртки, брюки , а у девочки и шапка. глядя на этих людей, на их лица, создаётся впечатление , что они улетают на отдых. мне понравилась эта картинка , потому что она яркая и
красочная , полна позитивных эмоций. перевести на

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Вот эти слова мы обычно записывали, когда проходили эту тему
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i. they met at the station two hours ago.

2. where did you spent last sunday?

3. we  were in a hurry because only twenty minutes  were left before the beginning of the performance.

4. i was playing the violin when my friend came in. he invited me to the theatre and i accepted the invitation with pleasure.

5. he rang up his friend and asked him about the homework,

6, when i came to the theatre, my friend al­ready was waiting for me.

7. last sunday we  went sksing in the country. there  was already a lot of snow in the fields and we  enjoyed ourselves. we were skiing for two hours and a half.                   

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In the picture i see a woman with a child. perhaps they are at the airport, because they have two suitcases. they are dressed in jackets, pants, and the girl has a hat. looking at these people, at their faces, it seems that they are flying to rest. i liked this picture because it is bright and
colorful, full of positive emotions.
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