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Напиши что находится в различных местах​

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-good morning! can i help you?

-oh, yes, please. i'm looking for "prostokvashino" milk. (можешь заменить фирму молока на  

-we have this one. 

-nice! how much?


-here you are.

-thank you. you are welcome. good bye!

-thanks! good bye!

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Today i woke up at 8 o'clock. it is so late for me, i was scared. i was dressing up 10 minutes, and i lost my favourite jeans. i didn't eat my breakfast today and very quickly ran from house. today i was standing 20 minutes on bus station, but my bus didn't come! i was running to school throw over houses, because today i must write exam on first lesson! so, i came to school too late, my friends were writting exam in our class. teacher looked at me and answered: "why you came in middle of lesson! ? " i was really sad. on break between lessons all were lauthing and playing, i was sitting alone in the corner. but suddenly my classmate sat next to me and said: "take a pease of chocolate and don't cry! " now i'm happy.
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dear mom and dad.mom, dad i come home late, because i went to celebrate the birthday of my friend. don't worry i will come home at 11 p.m.


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попробуй использовать этот переводчик я когда делаю сочинение всегда им пользуюсь там всё время все глаголы есть все правила.

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