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Напиши речення в заперечній формі: we were in ivano-frankivsk last summer.i want to spend my holidays at home. ruslan will go to the zoo on tuesday.

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1. they don't live in england and they are not good friends.

    do they live in england and are they good friends?

2. when sam goes to the cinema, he doesn't take jim with him.

    does sam take jim with him when he goes to the cinema?

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may i come in?

you may take my pen

i can`t  catch up with her

i can play the piano

i must do it well

you must not go there

you should work more seriously

you should not read about it




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we were not in ivano-frankivsk last summer.

i do not want to spend my holidays at home.

ruslan won't go to the zoo on sunday

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