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Напишите summery(эссе)10-15 предложений на тему "my perfect school! " нужно

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  it`s a sports game ?  

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last weekend we went with parents and class to the zoo. it was just wonderful. somewhere at 10 am we gathered at the zoo. bought a special food to pamper its inhabitants. of course, they took sweets, balls and a camera - but this, of course, already for themselves. and after passing the ticket control, they went to watch the birds. there were a lot of them, with different colors, voices and behavior. some of them are predators, like hawks and eagles, and some are quite peaceful and eat bread with pleasure. especially i remember the pink flamingos, which seemed to be doused with gouache - such incredible. then there were predators for several cells. live tigers, panthers, bears, lynxes. next we looked, probably, the most sociable inhabitants of the zoo - monkeys. they not only easily communicate with each other and seem to be amused over their relatives, but also bravely pull their paws-pens to all visitors. monkeys show off their cleverness and ingenuity. they are so arrogant that they took the banana out of the hands of my classmate and immediately got him killed. funny almost to the point of colic. walking further along the zoo, we witnessed a quiz, where zoo workers asked visitors questions about animals. the whole class managed to answer the greatest number of questions - and we won a white fluffy rabbit, which now became another inhabitant of our living corner in the school. we called the rabbit filka, and now in turn brings him delicacies from the dining room and at home. a few more guys from the class were riding a pony, mishka kuznetsova, a large white-red-haired cow licked her cheek, i managed to stroke the soft muzzle of a lama. this is how our sabbath passed at the zoo.

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my perfect school: for me the school is my second house. here we communicate, consult and we mature. for many pupils and for me the school is something more than simply formation. not without reason adults say that school days are the best years of their life.yes it is valid, the person spends the most important years of the life at school. here it finds true friends, is defined in a choice of the hobbies, for the first time meets vital difficulties and rejoices to the first victories.  i love the school and is very glad that i study in it. here i have opened the private world, have learned the inner self. school - my second house, and each time i come to the school with a smile and good mood.in school pass better years of mine sew lives – a youth. i am glad that my youth passes here! a stage of a course of life.



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