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Напишите буквами как читается текст peter jackson is a director peter jackson was born in wellington 31 october, 1961. it became the most known the director of new zealand, having begun the to pit from comedies of horrors, such, as "vas_ to taz'sa" and "tye r_atepegz. its operation with the wife
over infamous "celestial creations" deserved the nomination on "oscar" for the scenario. peter jackson became world famous director later release of the film trilogy according to works j. р‘ r. tolkien "lord of the rings", "hobbit", that most having made new zealand one of the most attractive дпя
film industries places.

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1)yes, i bring my  textbooks with me every time i come to classes.(yes, i do)


3)когда ты последний раз путешествовал(сам ответь, я не знаю =)) напр. two years ago i went travelling.

4)i usually chat with my friends(или что-то другое напиши)

5)i'm going to (go)visit cinema

6)yes, i did(yes, i came)

7)i learned how to speak many years ago

8)i would like to go play football with my friends

9)i think, that playing computer games is a way we are wasting the time.

10)i have no time have fun with my friends, because of school

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i like weekends! i enyoj going to the seaside. almost every weekend me and my gradparents go to the seaside. we usually walk and sometimes fish there. this weekend me, my parents and grandparents are going to the picknic. sometimes we go to the zoo. i really like it, because i like animals. once or twice a month i go to the cinema. after the movies me and my parents go to pizzeria. during this family dinner we always discuss the movie we've seen. after this we play bowling. i like spending free time with my family.

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1-past simple

2-present simple

3-past simple 

  1-who had to make the bed? did he or she have to make the bed? he had to make the bed ,did not he? did he have to make the bed? what did he have to make the bed?

2-do tim & tom work the shop? who workin the shop? where do they work? tim & tom work in the shop , do not they? do tim or ann and tom or sara work in the shop?

3-did he read interesting book yesterday? who read interesting book yesterday? how long did he read book yesterday? he read interesting book yessterday ,did not he? did he or she read interesting book yesterday?    

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