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Напишите сочинение или эссе на на тему: как я попал в природную катастрофуp.s. не о катастрофах а о том как я попал можно выдумать 50

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i have been to paris. i was there two months ago. i visited louvre and versaille. i saw eiffel tower and went to champs elysees.

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+1. yesterday i was watching a new film.2. i was reading a new book.3. my friends were in france.-1. my classmates weren’t abroad.2. this band wasn’t pleased with their song.3. sunday’s match, which ended in a draw, wasn’t the last one.
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once i was caught by heavy rain. the water was falling from the sky like a wall. i couldn't see my way. wet branches were falling down and i hardly could avoid a threat to be hit by one of them. the shower lasted for an hour and then turned into hail. i was scared and lost my way complitely. i
found a secure place under a fallen tree and stayed there till the storm was over. i got cold and weak, but luckily i managed to get home before the sunset.

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