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Напишите письмо о празднике по плану. , нужно. writing (a letter about holiday) you have received a letter from your english pen friend, peter. i hope you are having a great holiday. where are you staying? what is the weather like? what did you do yesterday and whatare your plans for today?
write peter a letter and answer his questions. write 80-100 words. follow the plan. dear , para 1: opening remarks? where you are, where you are staying, the weather, how you like it (how are you? i'm . the weather .) para 2: activites you did yesterday (include a bad experience you had),
what you are planning to do today (yesterday ./ unfortunately, . today we are going .) para 3: plans for the next day ( tomorrow we're going to .) para 4: closing remarks, you are coming back, when (well, i must go now. we're . see .)

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wow, that's really cool! my parents bought me my own laptop not much ago, too. and i like to play games on it, just like you. i think that they are interesting and absorbing, but your mum has a point: some of them are really stupid. a lot of teenagers in russia like to play games on their computers, including the shooting ones. they also like to hang out with friends, watch tv sometimes and read interesting books. they surf the net a lot in their free time, seems like that's the most popular pastime for russian teens. and i'm not an exclusion : ) but of course we use computers not only for fun, but for our education. making school projects, for example. but that's not half as interesting as skyping with buddies and playing rpg games, you know. 

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2) appreciate

3) scenery

4) masterpiece

5) exhibit

6) architecture

7) souvenir

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1. kate has got a nice face. - у кати хорошее лицо.

2. tom has got a big clock. - у тома есть большие часы.

3. we have got a funny rabbit. - у нас есть забавный кролик.

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