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Напишите как читается текст буквами peter jackson is a director peter jackson was born in wellington 31 october, 1961. it became the most known the director of new zealand, having begun the to pit from comedies of horrors, such, as "vas_ to taz'sa" and "tye r_atepegz. its operation with the wife
over infamous "celestial creations" deserved the nomination on "oscar" for the scenario. peter jackson became world famous director later release of the film trilogy according to works j. р‘ r. tolkien "lord of the rings", "hobbit", that most having made new zealand one of the most attractive дпя
film industries places.

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good morning! this says petrov. can i talk to mr. johnson?

- good morning! sorry, but mr. johnson is now out. could you call in ten minutes?

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who is  going to take an umbrell?

are you  going to take an umbrella or a rain coat?

i`m not going to take an umbrella, am i?

what am  i  going to take?

am i  going to take an umbrella?

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the bird is yellow. its eyes are black.

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a short ruler-a shorter ruler- the shortest ruler

a funny monkey -a funnier  monkey- the funnist monkey

  long hair-  longer hair- the longest hair

  big houses-bigger houses- biggest houses

  a clever dog- a cleverer dog- the  cleverest  dog

  an old car -an older car-the oldest car,

a long street-a longer street- the longest street ,

new books-newer books- the newest books,

a nice puppy- a nicer puppy- the nicest  puppy

  a funny story-  a funnier story- the funniest story,

a happy child-  a happier child- the  happiest child

an easy task-an easier task- the eaiest task

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