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Напишите как читается текст буквами the place where it is possible to touch "with a hand to to stars" — quite so invite tourist booklets in ueytomo's caves, which are on northern island of novoy zealand. booklets almost don't deceive: in a cave at the traveler indeed there is an impression that
the star sky — at arm's length. it isn't the magic portal, and in a special species of insects — mushroom mosquitoes. and insects, and them larvae possess biopyuminestsentny effect, that is glow in the dark. popchishcha these insects are occupied by ceilings and walls caves also cease to emit light
only in one case — if to frighten them therefore tourists who are brought here at an excursion in boats, ask to behave as it is possible more quietly. otherwise "stars" will go out.

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i would like to tell you about the place where i would like to live. as for me, i have always been dreaming about moving to australia. this country seems perfect for me. high wages, high standards of living, australian traditions - every feature of this place appeals to me. i would like to live in brisbane, melbourne or sydney because there cities are the largest in this country. as far as i know, it is easier to find good work there. the exciting way of life attracts me. moreover, the architecture of these cities is incredible.

it is a common knowledge that people in australia are very friendly. this nation is one of the kindest. they always help each other. i would like to live in such a good community.

the nature in australia in unbelievably beautiful. there are a large number of animals which exists only in this place. the amount of various reserves is unbelievable. i would like to attend them.

the majority of people who live there are patriots. well, i definitely understand their love to this country. it can’t be unappreciated. that is the greatest dream of mine - to feel the atmosphere of australia by myself. i really love it and sometimes i have a strong feeling that i was born in a wrong country.

(извиняюсь за свой непатриотизм)

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how much did you drink beer yesterday?

too much i will never drink so much again

how much sugar you add sugar in my tea?

very little sugar

how many book you read on holiday?

i read 3 books but all of them so boring

how much time you slept last night?

so little i just prepared to exams

how much does she mean to you ?

she is the most important people in my life

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Зе плэйс уэр ит ис поссибл то тач "уиз а хэнд ту ту старс" -куаит соу инваит турист буклетс ин еутомос кеивс , уич арон нортерн исландоф новой зиланд.буклетс алмоуст донт дикеив: ин а кеив ат зе треивелериндид зер ис ан эмпрешин зэт зэ стар скаи-эт армс летд
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