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Написать 10 предложений на про погоду в

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1)have been

2)took up,was





7) slept,haven't broken


9)didn't like,found

10)haven't played


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1. what was mark twain's real name? d. samuel langhorne clemens

2. what is the name of his character who has adventures on the mississippi with a runaway slave? d. huck finn

3. who wrote the play antony and cleopatra?

d. william shakespeare

4. who wrote the ugly duckling? d. hans christian andersen

5. electra by euripides is what?

c. a tragedy6. what is the nationality of franz kafka?

b. czech7. who were the brothers grimm? -d. jacob and wilhelm

8. what day is derived from the norse god thor? d. thursday

8. what was ali baba's profession in ali baba and the forty thieves?

c. woodcutter9. where did sherlock holmes and dr. watson live?

d. 221b baker street

10. how many years did rip van winkle sleep?

b. 20

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weather in belarus. a climate.the climate in belarus is characterized as moderately continental, soft enough and damp. in january temperature колеблется from 4 up to-4 with in southern areas, and up to--4-8 with - in northern. during the winter period often there are thawing weather. in summer average temperature колеблется from 17 with in the north (july), till 18-19 with in the south.weather in belarus differs the moderate humidity.weather in belarus. deposits. deposits drops out from 500 mm in a southern part of the country, up to 700 mm a year - in the central areas, and up to 800 – in the north. as a whole loss of deposits throughout a year occurs rather in regular intervals, but their maximal quantity is necessary on autumn - winter time. thickness of a snow cover is insignificant enough, however in wood areas of a snow drops out up to 1-1,2 m.weather in belarus. favorable climatic conditions. from the point of view of climatic conditions the brest and grodno areas are optimum. the climate of the brest area where there passes восточно-европейская east-european isotherm — is moderate-damp with soft short in winter and is moderate-warm long-term in summer — the softest and warm in belarus, practically is a climate of the europe. in the same area in area of white lake there is the warmest point of belarus.warmest month in a year in these areas july, the coldest — january is. average monthly temperature of july колеблется within the limits of 18 hailstones. heat, january — from 5 up to 6 hailstones. a frost. the absolute maximum of temperature of air has made 35-37 hailstones. heat. the absolute minimum of temperatures of air in winter reached 35-38 hailstones. a frost. however it is necessary to note, that such high and low temperatures of air are observed seldom.the warm period (the period with positive average daily temperature of air) lasts in northeast areas 242—243 days, in southwest — 253-265 days. annual quantity of deposits колеблется from 550 up to 650 mm, decreasing in a direction from northeast on a southwest. the basic quantity of deposits drops out during the warm period. duration of the vegetative period of 195-205 day.winter in these areas short. the stable snow cover is formed basically in the third decade of december and collapses in the first decade of march. average height of a snow cover — 15—22 winters when the stable snow cover on area is not formed are see observed.throughout a year over the territory of the brest and grodno areas are dominated by westerly winds. during the warm period prevailing winds are western and northwest, during the cold period — western and ю

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