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Написать текст на ійській на кого я порівнююсьв днном случае на андрія шевченка

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dear paul,( можно любое имя вставить)

thank you for your letter! i'm glad to hear that you've passed your driving test! congratulations!

i'm sorry i haven't written for such a long time. i've been really busy with my new project. by the way, thank you for your brilliant idea. i really had the best presentation last time. i really appreciated your advice.

as for your question, i think all you have to do is just regular exercises. don't be lazy and try to find at least 20-30 minutes for your health every day.

there is a rule of 30 minutes a day: if you do something at least 30 minutes a day you will have a result at the end of the week. for example, if you read 50 pages during this time, at the end of the week you'll have total of about 350 pages. if we say that we don't have enough time for it (as we usually do) we have 0 result at the end of the week. besides, they say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. so all you have to do is to take the bull by the horns and try it for just 3 weeks.

unfortunately, i need to come back to my project. i hope my advice was helpful.

hope to hear from you soon.

take care,

victor( можно любое имя вставить)

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1 susan was walking home when it started to rain.

2 helen was cooking while tom was working in the garden.

3 i was sleeping when my friend joe came to my house.

4 who were you waiting for when i saw you?

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телевизор сейчас играет важную роль в нашей жизни. сложно сказать, хорошо это или плохо для нас(не знаю перевода)они не должны плать за дорогие сиденья в театре или кино. мы и можем смотреть интересные фильмы, концерты, футбольные матчи, новости. но некоторые люди считают, что смотреть телевизор-плохо. мы пассивны, когда смотрим телевизор. телевизор показывает нам много интересных программ. но опять здесь. часто программы плохие.

в фильмах.

3. we can watch interesting films, concerts, football matches, news.

4. sometimes they show many interesting programmes

5. because tv has advantages and disadvantages

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1)have you joined your friend's club? i haven't joined my friend's club yet but i'm going to do it.

2)have you seen those animals? i haven't seen the animals but i'm going to see them.

3)have they rebuilt the left wing of their house? they haven't rebuilt the left wing of their house but they are  going to do it.

4)has she been to see the vet with her pet? she hasn't been to see the vet with her pet becouse the vet was ill.

5)have you arranged the party? i haven't arranged the party yet but i'm going to do that.

6)has she invited the scientists to the conference? she hasn't invited the scientists to the conference but she is going to do that.

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