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Написать сочинение(7-8 предложений) на тему: "моя лудшая подруга" на . языке

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dear jim,

last month i  was at chatterplace. i had a good time there. i lived in a small but nice room. when it  was fine and warm,  i went for a walk and played tennis

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i was asked by teacher.

my mobile phone was stolen last month.

the clothes are made by china.

he was injured by dog.

dog was found by me.

this shoes will be bought by my friend.

i will be invited to the party.

book will bu used  by me.

bus is stopped for me.

his leg was broken on accedent.

poem was written by w.sheakspear.

my key was lost by father.

room will be cleaned by my sister.

house was sold by our neighbour.

my father`s car will be repaired in workshop.



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this girl i know from first grade. now she is my best friend, her name is liana. february eighth she turns 16 years old. for his age liana is quite high. it is rarely a bad mood, so the face can be seen most radiant smile, what a sad, wistful look. sometimes she gets angry, and then become more noticeable freckles. if satisfied with liana, her expressive eyes sparkle, attracting people's attention. his black hair is cut by the "square". she always collect them in a ponytail, do not like to walk with her hair, thinking that she is not talking. sometimes we quarrel, and liana's angry, but quickly put up as if nothing had happened.when liana writes something or decides she concentrated form. it is hard man. solving the example, all will be well to paint, but if something does not work, then will decide again and again until it finds the correct answer. in general, liana is a very interesting person. she will be able to amuse anyone. listening to the radio, she will sing, that already looks pretty funny. she never refused help to anyone who requests it. especially not deny the teacher's request. it can rely on and be sure that if she trusted with a secret she would never tell nobody, no matter what happens.

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