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Написать от третьего лица рассказ я сам первую и вторую часть

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1. if the friends didn't go in the usa, they wouldn't visit death valley.

2. if they came to death valley in winter, they would be able to see more.

3. if they went there, they would be able die of heatstroke.

4. if martin took more than a liter of water, it would help.

5. if the rangers came ten minutes later, they wouldn't be able to save him.

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1.we have bought a new tv set.  мы купили новый телевизор (у нас есть новый телевизор).  2.the students have left the room.  студенты ушли из комнаты (студентов сейчас в комнате нет).  3.go and wash your hands.  пойди и вымой руки.  4- have you finished your job?   - ты закончил работу? 5.he has written about a hundred novels.  он написал около ста романов.6.i have known him   since 1990.  я знаю его с 1990 года.

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1 do you like sport?

- yes. i do. i like  sport very much

what sport game do you like to play?

i like to play football and hocheyand you?

i like to play basketball.

4.do you go to the stadium for sport games  or in the gym?

  i go in the gym

have you got a gym in your school?

of course. we have a gym in our school

can you swim?

yes. i can swim very well

  let*s go to the swimming pool.

  with great pleasure.

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if i had known that you were ill last week, i would have gone to see you.​

желаю удачи!

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