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Написать небольшую (60-80 слов) биографию в форме текста про известного человека по языку по плану: 1.имя 2.дата рождения 3.место рождения 4.ранние годы 5.поздние годы 6.чем известен? 7.дата смерти

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1 milk, cheese

2 no-one

3 without bread with yets all my family

4 my mother

5 buns with a cream, ice cream

6 ice cream, cheese, yogurt

7 i very like it

8 on weekends

9 yes, it does

10 people

11 in bicycle park,or ordinary park

12 yes,i do

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she has been waiting for me for 2 hours.

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alexander sergeyevich pushkin's biography (1799 - 1837) alexander sergeyevich pushkin was born on june 6, 1799 (old style on may 26) in moscow in a noble landowner family (his father was a major in retirement) on ascension day. symbolically, the birthplace of the poet moscow is the very heart of
russian life, russia.

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