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Найти синонимы и когда это используется (написать по )? to treatwombthanks topolyclinic​

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это что вставить



1. navruz is celebrated in 21 march

4 our familycompletely clean   house, cook holiday diner and call on our friends and relatives.

остальные не знаю


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she cooked yesterday..

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he was  rightly thought to be a great painter.the bird flew   high in the sky.our products are widely known.i can hardly  hear the radio.i have to admit you were right about her.i thought mostly about the problem.the window was wide open.the bus arrived late.the weather report said that today will be nearly sunny.she has not called lately.he was wrongly considered a clever man.he speaks highly of his maths teacher.we are near there.i did it wrong again.we walked hard five miles on our hike.which do you like most : ice cream or chocolate?

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1/ c 2/c 3/a 4/b 5/c

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