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Надо сделать быстрее предложение helr protectdestroylimit​

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my grandmother moved the armchair to the fire and sat down. - past simple.

who sold vegetables in our village last year? - past simple.

we tried to move the box but couldn't, because it was too heavy. - past simple.

our cat hates dogs. when it sees a dog it tries to fight. - present simple.

somebody touched me on the arm when i got on a bus. - past simple.

the grandmother is loved by everybody. - present simple passive voice.

the table was moved to the window. - past simple passive voice.

the boy tied the horse to the tree and went to the hous. -  past simple.

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1)the sun was getting hotter and hotter.

2)my mother was putting some cake on the table.

3)the twins were laughing.

4)what were you doing   last night?

5)i was reading a newspaper.

6)wher were you driving?

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1.i always  stay (present simple) in the same hotel in new york. 2. sandra and her husband are vegetarian. they don*t eat ( present simple) meat. 3. 'what town is this? ' - whispered the boy in the dark. 4. i*ll call  (future simple) you tomorrow morning. 5.saturday.' 'don't worry. i* ll not tell (future simple)  him. 6. where will  you be  (future simple ) tomorrow evening? 7. she  lives  (present simple)far away now. 8. i  made (past  simple) an appointment two weeks ago. 9. they * ll open (future simple) the road next summer. 10. most people in this country  speak (present simple) the same language.

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this year i have to make to an important (0)decision : what to do next. our school gives us excellent (1)opportunity    to find out what is better for us to do in the future. there are a lot of (2)optional      subjects that help us to understand it and express our (3)personality. when compulsory   education is over students can either enter a (4)technical    institute or try to find a job. but if you don`t want to meet with(5)difficulties    while trying to find a job, our teachers advise us to get (6)vocational    training first.our school gives us a lot of(7)inform ation  about the professions that our community needs.but i think that the best choice is to get(8)higher    education.there are no(9) enterance examinations to universities but studying there needs very carefull (10)preparation. i try to study my best in order to get a place there. 

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