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Можете глагол to be все формы кроме вспогательнных!

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crisps - чипсы

yoghurt- йогурт

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1. two new engineers just were introduced to the head of the department.2. i am sure i will be asked at the lesson tomorrow.3. they told me that the new student was spoken much about.4. he said that the grandmother's letter was received the day before.5. this new dictionary was sold everywhere now.6. all the texts were looked through yesterday and a single mistake was found.

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once our family went camping. the car stopped next to a light birch. it was summer and the sun was shining brightly and caressed the warmth. in birch you can see the life of its inhabitants: birds, squirrels, woodpeckers, mice and other animals. on the ground were scattered the footprints of animals, and the birch trunk was visible through the hole of a woodpecker. we chose a small clearing surrounded by trees. near the birch trees, a river used to run and swim and play fish. dad went to the water and after some time brought some fishes: gobies, loaches, carp, carp and bream. mom cleaned the fish put on skewers. dad lit a fire and put the skewers on two sticks mounted on the sides. and while i grilled our dinner constantly spinning them so that the fish cooked evenly. and we bathed in the river, splashing and laughing. droplets of water tumbled, glistening in the sun and sparkled like a little almaziki. then we warmed up around the campfire for a hearty lunch, listening to the birds singing. it was just a wonderful day.

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32. "what we need is not threats but an offer to help." - he learned that  

c) what they needed was not threats but an offer to help.  

33. "i am an optimist." - he said  

a) he was an optimist.  

34. "stay where you are! " - they told him  

a) to stay where he was.  

35. "robert came to see me about once a month." - his mother told us that  

c) he had come to see her about once a month.  

36. "hostilities must be halted immediately." - we agreed that  

a) hostilities had to be halted immediately.  

37. "i saw helen in the office this very morning." - during his interrogation on march 17, he claimed that  

a) he had seen her in the office that very morning.  

38. "i believed in richard." - her excuse was that  

b) she had believed in him.  

39. "he'll try to leave the country." - the fbi suspected that  

b) he would try to leave the country.  

40. "we'll all be kept here". - the hostages feared that  

a) they would all be kept there.  

41. "you've got nothing to worry about." - they told me that

b) i had nothing to worry about.

42. "i can't concentrate." - i told her that

a) i could not concentrate.

43. "i'll be staying late at work." - ben phoned home to say that

b) he would be staying late at work.

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