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Мнение на тему в каком городе я хотел бы жить на языке с переводом 35 слов​

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1.  i have not seen the moskva river yet

2.would you like to go to south africa in may?

3.london is a very large city. it is one of the largest cities in the world.

4. it usually takes me ten minutes to get to school.

5. it will take you an hour to get to the museum.

6. it took us two hours to decorate the room last year.

7. i am sure it will take you an hour to write this exercise.

8. it does not take him long to learn new words.

9. it did not take them much time to open the door.

10.he is ready. it took him five minutes to wash up.

11. st petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

12. there are a lot of beautiful old churches in suzdal.

13. mary likes to do the shopping in oxfordstreet.

14.i have never been to india.

15. nick has already  seen the film

16. tom has not  yet seen the film.

17. have you ever bought clothes?

18.my aunt never worked in a hospital.

19. they visited mrs spencer two days ago.

20. they have just  seen their teacher.

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1.who is sleeping?

is your sister sleeping?

was your sister sleeping?

whose sister is sleeping?

2.are you making a noise?

who not   making a noise?

3.are you doing talking?

who   doing talking?

what are you doing ?

4.are you learning the words of a new english song?

what are you learning?

is i am learning the words of a new english song?

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1. they had earned a lot of money by the end of august

2. they had defeated an enemy*s  fleet by the end of the year

3. he reminded me about that event when john had gone

4.we had burnt dry leaves before the snow fell

5. the rainbow appeared in the sky after the rain had stopped

6. she had cut down the flowers before we came into the hothouse

7.dodo is a died- out species of birds. it had dessapeared after the people began hunting  on it

8.the fire had destroyed the buildind before the firemen came

9. miss marple had solved a difficult criminal problem before the policemen could do it.

10.little robert had broken  a new toy before his father explained  him how to play with it



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1.we have bought a new tv set.  мы купили новый телевизор (у нас есть новый телевизор).  2.the students have left the room.  студенты ушли из комнаты (студентов сейчас в комнате нет).  3.go and wash your hands.  пойди и вымой руки.  4- have you finished your job?   - ты закончил работу? 5.he has written about a hundred novels.  он написал около ста романов.6.i have known him   since 1990.  я знаю его с 1990 года.

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