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Кто шарит по мне надо сделать 6 и 7 по 5 если буду .я знаю не легкое так-то побольше ! )​

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он родился в 1985. мы сейчас студенты.мы хорошие друзья в колледже.эта была интересная книга. кто отсутствовал вчера. он студент. кто он. он доктор. это мой карандаш. где эта книга. она на столе.

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1. george michael - last christmas

2.boney m - "hooray! it's a holiday'

3. michael learns to rock - take me to your heart

4. louis armstrong - what a wonderful world

5. the beatles - yellow submarine

6. mariah carey - all i want for christmas is you

7. the queen - friends will be friends

8. the queen - show must go on

9. plain white t's - 1, 2, 3, 4

10. michael jackson - we are the world we are the children

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i. they met at the station two hours ago.

2. where did you spent last sunday?

3. we  were in a hurry because only twenty minutes  were left before the beginning of the performance.

4. i was playing the violin when my friend came in. he invited me to the theatre and i accepted the invitation with pleasure.

5. he rang up his friend and asked him about the homework,

6, when i came to the theatre, my friend al­ready was waiting for me.

7. last sunday we  went sksing in the country. there  was already a lot of snow in the fields and we  enjoyed ourselves. we were skiing for two hours and a half.                   

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supersonic  airplanes  will  fly  in  2100  above  earth.

people  will  communicate  the  method  oftelepathy.

there  will  not  be  wars  in  the  world.

all  will  be  absolutely  happy.

all  children  will  eat  a  chocolate  andcandies  only.

i  would  like  to  live  in  2100.

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