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Косвенная речь на adrian: hi, paul, it's adrian. paul: hi. what's up? adrian: i've got a problem with my computer. can you help me? paul: i'll try. what is it? adrian: well, my computer keeps crashing. paul: what exactly happens? does the screen keep freezing? adrian: yes. the
cursor sticks in the same place and i can't do anything. paul: have you tried switching it off and on again? adrian: yes, i have, but then after a while the same thing happens again. paul: hmm. have you got anti-virus software on your computer? i adrian: yes, i have. paul: right. well, i
suggest that you do a full scan with your anti-virus software. it could be a virus that's causing your problem. try that, then call me again if you still have a problem. 1 adrian: ok. i'll do that. thanks, paul. paul: you're welcome.

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1they left for moscow.didn't they leave for moscow? yes, they did. no, they didn't.2 he has finished his work.hasn't he finished his work? yes, he has. no, he hasn't.3 she will visit us on sunday.won't she visit us on sunday? yes, she will. no, she won't.4 she has many relatives.doesn't she have many relatives? yes, she does. no, she doesn't.5 his father works here.doesn't his father work here? yes, he does. no, he doesn't.  6 you know his address.don't you know his address? yes, i do. no, i don't.7 we shall go home together.shan't we go home together? yes, we shall. no, we shan't.8 he can play chess.can't he play chess? yes, he can. no, he can't.  9 i am listening to you.aren't i listening to you? yes, i am. no, i am not.10 his friends were playing football.weren't his friends playing football? yes, they were. no, they weren't.11 you have done the task.have you done the task? yes, you have. no, you haven't.
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english language. english is a germanic language of the indo-european family. it is the second most spoken language in the world. it is estimated that there are 300 million native speakers and 300 million who use english as a second language and a further 100 million use it as a foreign language. it is the language of science, aviation, computing, diplomacy, and tourism. it is listed as the official or co-official language of over 45 countries and is spoken extensively in other countries where it has no official status. half of all business deals are conducted in english. two thirds of all scientific papers are written in english. over 70% of all post / mail is written and addressed in english. most international tourism and aviation is conducted in english. the list of borrowed words is enormous. the vocabulary of english is the largest of any language. even with all these borrowings the heart of the language remains the anglo-saxon of old english. only about 5000 or so words from this period have remained unchanged but they include the basic building blocks of the language: household words, parts of the body, common animals, natural elements, most pronouns, prepositions, conjunctions and auxiliary verbs. grafted onto this basic stock was a wealth of contributions to produce, what many people believe, is the richest of the world's languages.

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i usually make

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1. what are you doing here? - i'm preparing for my report.

2. she had lived in moscow for 10 years when her sister came to live with her.

3. tomorrow father will come late.

4. it was very late. i had gone to bed and had fallen asleep when my father returned home.

5. have you ever been to london? - yes, i've been there last summer. (i was there last summer.)

6. when we came to the station, the train has already arrived.

7. he left for rostov in 1990 and since then he had lived there. 

8. tom doesn't tennis every saturday. 

9. i have already done my homework. now i can go for a walk. 

10. when will you come to see us? – tomorrow if you don’t mind. 


put in the prepositions.

1. where do you work? i work at orange computers.

2. mr. brown looks for uk sales promotion. he is accountable for the m.d. 

3. what goods are they interested in ?  

4. let’s meet on tuesday at 10. 

5. rossexport goods are of high quality. 

6. he was born in 1889 in london. 

7. what do you like to watch on tv?

8. it’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon. 

9. mr. norman is in charge with new product development. 

10. this film was on the rex cinema.

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