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Косвенная речь на adrian: hi, paul, it's adrian. paul: hi. what's up? adrian: i've got a problem with my computer. can you help me? paul: i'll try. what is it? adrian: well, my computer keeps crashing. paul: what exactly happens? does the screen keep freezing? adrian: yes. the
cursor sticks in the same place and i can't do anything. paul: have you tried switching it off and on again? adrian: yes, i have, but then after a while the same thing happens again. paul: hmm. have you got anti-virus software on your computer? i adrian: yes, i have. paul: right. well, i
suggest that you do a full scan with your anti-virus software. it could be a virus that's causing your problem. try that, then call me again if you still have a problem. 1 adrian: ok. i'll do that. thanks, paul. paul: you're welcome.

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1.she felt so unhappy that she threw herself on the bed and cried. 2.look at yourself in the mirror: your face is all dirty. 3.hurry up,children! put away your toys.you must do it yourselves 4.after the shower he dried himself on a big and soft towel. 5.it was a wonderful day and we really enjoyed ourselves. 6.it was a new place and soon we understood that we had lost ourselves 7.i know that i'll never let myself ask her such a question. 8.the boy threw himself upon his knees in front of the king. 9. they have nobody to thank but themselves. 10.she never lets herself shout at her dog.
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i read a lot of books. i especially like the works of adventures and magic, any čarodeâh, fairies and magical things. my favorite book is "volshebnik izumrudnogo goroda". wrote alexander volkov. more specifically, i love the whole series of books about the adventures of a girl ellie in the magic country. this includes "urfin jus and his wooden soldiers, seven underground kings".

i like books about the magic of the imagination with which they are written. they come alive, even inanimate objects. tin woodman walks and said wooden soldiers go to war. even stuffed scarecrow, crowded with straw, is very intelligent and resourceful.

flying monkeys heard the owner of the golden hats, and the queen of the mice is the sound of a magic whistle. in the finale of "the wizard of the emerald city," a wonderful silver shoes carry ellie airlifted back home to kansas.

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absolutely different clothes will be suitable you for an everyday life and for example, for an evening exit.for an evening exit of the girl dress smart dresses, men dress solid suits.t-shirts will be suitable for daily life, jackets and trousers. any clothes in which it is convenient to you. however, for example the jacket, can approach both to office style, and to an evening dress. and even in an everyday life you will look fashionably and will feel comfortably.

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dima said that he enjoied thrillers

polina said that they wll go to sochi next week

kirill said that he written an essay on literature

jane said that polina can swim well

ilya said that i shold translate the text!

kate said you are doing my homework now

lev said we shouldn`t run!

slava asked do i like strawberry jam

vitalina asked where do koalas live?

yura asked when are my birthday?

artyom said that we have english three times a week

vova said that he has been to the zoo twice

alisa said that she is chatting with her friends now

timofey said they watched a very interesting movie two days ago

vlad said that he can run fast

nastya said to don’t make noise!

danya asked to help him with his homework

danill said that our dog is clever

zhenya said they will have a test tomorrow

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