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Как правильно открыть скобки.what they (to do) now?

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1) yesterday in the morning i drank a cup of coffe with milk.

2) when the train arrived i came out on the platform/

3) i got up so late that i missed the train.

4) i needed to go the country, so i went to the railway station and caught the train.

5) i jumped into the last carriage while the train was leaving.

6) everybody was laughing at my tricks.

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i do not have a special tv program,i like recognize programs,funny programs,may be kind programs,interesting programs,good programs.

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what are they doing now.тк это презент континьюс


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what are they doing что они делают сейчас?

макс610 прав ето present continuous !

нужно правила учить!

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