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Какое the newspapers are bought by my father every morning.the garbage is taken out one of my family every may.food is bought by us for our pets one a week.the computer is used by my elder brother than by me.our parents are often invited by their friends to their parties.тhe bus № 181 is usually
taken by them.bananas are loved by this animal. half a kilo bananas is eaten by it every day.a special pie is made by her for her birthday every year. esperanto is spoken by people in many parts of the world.mike’s education is paid by his father.​

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maslenitsa - east slavic is a traditional holiday, celebrated during the week before lent, retaining a number of elements of slavic mythology in its ritual.

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meat,dress,eyes,soap,apple,read,danger,needle,signaling,cry, dance, sit, chess,running, scratching, rock,

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through though

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1 i’ve made a chocolate cake for megan’s birthday.

2 she’s so pretty. she looks like her mother!

3 i never lend people my books.

4 he’s a famous actor. he earns a lot of money.

5 yesterday i met my cousin from australia for the first time.

6 i hate waiting for buses in the rain.

5 underline the odd word out.

1 lion

2 giraffe

3 bull

4 rabbit

5 mice

6 eagle

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