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Измените предложения,используя степени сравнения прилагательных. 1. our machines woek good. (their machines,his machines ). 2. his holiday expenses are large. ( her holiday expenses, my holiday expenses). 3. the parking space in our region is expensive. ( my region, his region ).

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1)yes, i bring my  textbooks with me every time i come to classes.(yes, i do)


3)когда ты последний раз путешествовал(сам ответь, я не знаю =)) напр. two years ago i went travelling.

4)i usually chat with my friends(или что-то другое напиши)

5)i'm going to (go)visit cinema

6)yes, i did(yes, i came)

7)i learned how to speak many years ago

8)i would like to go play football with my friends

9)i think, that playing computer games is a way we are wasting the time.

10)i have no time have fun with my friends, because of school

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. это будет замечательно, если вы зададите не слишком много работы.

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their machines work better than his machines. her holiday expenses are larger than my holiday expenses. the parking space in my region is more expensive than in his region.

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1).his machines work better than their machines.

2). my holiday expenses are larger than her holiday.

3). the parking space in my region is more expensive than in his region. 

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