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Закончи предложение – at 3 o/clock tomorrow i … my letter to him.a. will write b. writes c. will have increased d. will be writing e. would write​

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1. we were given very inadequate information.  

2. what do you know about non-metallic products ?

3. he's illiterate when it comes to computers.  

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supersonic  airplanes  will  fly  in  2100  above  earth.

people  will  communicate  the  method  oftelepathy.

there  will  not  be  wars  in  the  world.

all  will  be  absolutely  happy.

all  children  will  eat  a  chocolate  andcandies  only.

i  would  like  to  live  in  2100.

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либо ответ а)

либо d)

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