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Заверши эти предложения, используя глаголы put и give​

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alexander borodin was a genius in two fields: music and chemistry.composing music was really a hobby for him,but he is considered one of the greatest russian composers.his opera "prince igor"is considered to be one of the most important historial russian operas.

he studied peano and cello as a youth,but got interesed in chemistry after trying to make fireworks.he studied medicine,and became a surgeon for the russian army.

later,he became professor of chemistry at the medico-surgical academy in st.petersburg,and spend the rest of his life teaching students there.he loved teaching.he also spent a lot of his time doing scientific experiments.

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1 put

2 give

3 put

4 give

5 gives

6 give

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1put2 give3 put4 put5 give но я не уверен
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