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До ть будь ласка ​

До ть будь ласка ​

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my perfect school: for me the school is my second house. here we communicate, consult and we mature. for many pupils and for me the school is something more than simply formation. not without reason adults say that school days are the best years of their life.yes it is valid, the person spends the most important years of the life at school. here it finds true friends, is defined in a choice of the hobbies, for the first time meets vital difficulties and rejoices to the first victories.  i love the school and is very glad that i study in it. here i have opened the private world, have learned the inner self. school - my second house, and each time i come to the school with a smile and good mood.in school pass better years of mine sew lives – a youth. i am glad that my youth passes here! a stage of a course of life.



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1. с)

2. а)

3. а)

4. с)

5. а)

6. в)

7. а)

8. а)

9. в)

10. с)

11. в)

12. в)

13. а)

14. в)

15. а)

16. а)

17. с)

18. а)

19. в)

20. а)

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родиб що зоищо щрмщрмрщ

До ть будь ласка ​
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