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Диалог на тему "winter and winter sports"

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At last holidays came! i was very happy!   i didn't have  to get up early in the morning and run to school. i could stay in the bed till midday. but i didn't want to sleep. there were a lot of things to do. the weather was fine so my friends and i went for a walk every day. it was fun! then i spent a few days in the country where my grandfather and grandmother lived. it was great. i drank milk and ate a lot of tasty food which my granny prepared for me. i have many friends in this village because i go there every holidays. we played football and tennis every day! but  holidays were over and i returned to the city again.  i liked my holidays very much.   наконец наступили  каникулы! я был счастлив!   я не должен был вставать рано утром и бежать в школу. я мог   оставаться в постели до полудня. но я не хотел спать. было так много дел. погода была хорошая, так что мои друзья и я ходили гулять каждый день. это было весело! затем я провел несколько дней  в деревне, где   живут  мои дедушка и бабушка  . это было здорово. я пил молоко и ел много вкусной пищи, которую моя бабушка готовила для меня. у меня много друзей в этой деревне, потому что я езжу туда каждые каникулы. мы даже играли в футбол и теннис! но  каникулы закончились, и я вернулся в город снова. мне понравились мои каникулы.
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1.why only igor can return his friend?

2.what consequences could have victor's obsession ?

3.what did they explore?

4.what did they experiment?

5.who is victor frankenstein?

6.what did they want to do?

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Hello, alina! how are you? why are you looking so tired? - hello, i am really very tired today. i was in the forest where i skated a lot. - really? are you fond of winter sport? - yes, i am. i do sport every two days. and what kind of winter sports are you fond of? - i am fond of skiing most of all. to my opinion it's a very interesting sport. - how interesting! how many times a week do you go to your trainings? - four times a week.   - and what other kinds of sports are you fond of? - besides it i like basketball, but sad to say i play it very badly. - i also play basketball badly. i'm afraid "of any ball". - well, alina. let's say good-bye each other,  i have to hurry home.   - ok, see you!
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