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Відповісти на питання 1.what do you put on a cut finger? 2.what form of medicine do you use if your eyes hurt? 3. where is the patient put if he cann't move? 4. what is put on a broken leg or arm? 5.what are the main four forms of medicines?

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1. my mom tidies up in my room.2. my mon irones in my family.

3. my daddy cooks in my family.

4. my daddy fixes things in my family.

5. my mom goes shopping in my family.

6. my mom washes up in my family.

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i like weekends! i enyoj going to the seaside. almost every weekend me and my gradparents go to the seaside. we usually walk and sometimes fish there. this weekend me, my parents and grandparents are going to the picknic. sometimes we go to the zoo. i really like it, because i like animals. once or twice a month i go to the cinema. after the movies me and my parents go to pizzeria. during this family dinner we always discuss the movie we've seen. after this we play bowling. i like spending free time with my family.

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5)tablet drops pill mixture

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